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Discover how the Avocent® ACS8000 Cellular can optimize the management of your IT assets across your network.

Secure Out-of-Band Access

Deliver out-of-band equipment access in compliance with data center access and security policies and best practices. The Vertiv ACS8000 Cellular acts as a single point of access for all connected devices, limiting entry points, enabling advanced user management, and providing event logging and notifications to record user activity.

Advanced Serial Console

featuring Cellular Connectivity!

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In addition to new cellular capabilities, the Vertiv™ Avocent® ACS8000 offers the following benefits to IT administrators:

  • Fast and automated configuration with Zero Touch Provisioning
  • Secure out-of-band network remote management
  • Automatic network failover to cellular
  • Compliance with data center access and security policies
  • Console event logging and notification

Easy Installation & Commissioning 

Provide fast, automated configuration with discovery tools and zero-touch provisioning. Auto-discovery eases identification of Vertiv and third-party devices. Native command settings make monitoring and management of connected devices simple, and auto-pinout simplifies serial port installation.

USB/Environmental Sensor Ports

Support additional IT equipment and external devices with eight USB ports. The console also features digital inputs and an environmental sensor port to connect temperature, humidity, differential pressure, and leak and door sensors. These sensors monitor and help control conditions across the data center that can impact the performance of IT equipment.

Deliver secure in-band and out-of-band visibility and control to downstream equipment in enterprise data centers, as well as cloud and colocation facilities. 

Harness the connectivity, dependability, and security of the Avocent® ACS 8000 – Advanced Console Server, now with cellular capabilities. For IT administrators, the ACS 8000 Cellular provides real-time visibility and flexibility to access devices when wired networks are down (failover) or not available a the device location.